It’s a lovely summer Saturday morning, and a walk around the always-quiet nature preserve on the other side of town would be magical today.

Sunscreen, hat, mask, and sandals on, you open your car door, sit in the driver’s seat, and turn on the ignition.

As always, you scan the dashboard, which tells you:

  • Your car is painted silver
  • Your car has four doors
  • Your car’s tires are rubber

Having reviewed this information, you can comfortably proceed with your trip to the nature preserve.

Ummm … something’s not right here.

These are “data points,” sure, but do they give you any useful information? Do they help you operate the car safely and get to your destination?

Of course, consumers would never settle for a car dashboard with useless data, like the car’s color or model. No driver needs to monitor that data on an ongoing basis.

Now imagine you turn on the ignition and scan the dashboard. You see that:

  • The gas tank is half full
  • All four tires are at the correct pressure
  • You’ll need an oil change in 1,000 miles

Very useful, right? So you shut off the car and go back inside. Throughout the day, every hour, you come back, turn the engine on, check the dashboard gauges, then go back inside.

Does that make sense? Would you repeatedly turn on your car’s engine just to see in “real time” what the dashboard gauges say? Of course not.

Both of these scenarios are absurd. They’re not how drivers or dashboards work in real life.

In the first case, your dashboard is providing you with useless information. In the second case, your dashboard seems to exist for its own sake. You never actually go anywhere, when the whole point of a car is to go from point A to point B.

Why all this talk about cars?

When Rethink decided to make analytics a priority for 2020, we started with the viewpoint that anything worth working on needed to offer real value to our fellow compliance practitioners.

But when we reviewed a lot of the existing market solutions, we saw a lot of “technology for the sake of technology.” We saw lots of technical and big data jargon. We saw pie charts … lots of pie charts.

When we looked at existing analytics solutions in the marketplace, we saw a lot of pie charts... and not many valuable compliance insights.

We saw a world of dashboards without any steering wheels.

We couldn’t help but think:

  • Are the metrics these dashboards display actually meaningful?
  • What is this data actually telling compliance teams?
  • What is anyone supposed to do with any of it?

Over the many thoughtful conversations that followed, our friends, colleagues, and clients throughout the global compliance community confirmed what we had intuited: The technology-for-the-sake-of-technology “solutions” are simply not delivering valuable compliance insights.

When stakeholders — including senior leaders, boards, and the DOJ — are stressing the importance of both data analytics and demonstrated impact, this just isn’t going to cut it.

The technology-for-the-sake-of-technology “solutions” are simply not delivering valuable compliance insights.

We knew it was time to Rethink it.

That’s why we created the Drive AnalyticsTM solution.

Our new Drive AnalyticsTM service combines modern learning technology with experience-honed compliance expertise to collect meaningful data in a graceful way and deliver truly actionable insights.

The Drive AnalyticsTM solution begins where other providers in our space won’t go, and it ends where they can’t.

Continuing in the tradition of Rethink’s market-leading service and content tailoring approach, we put what’s most valuable to you first, not what’s most convenient to us. We commit to a collaborative process that we know will deliver results, instead of doing the same old thing with more pie charts.

Here’s how the Drive AnalyticsTM service works:

  1. We consult with your team during the content tailoring process to identify data points that would be valuable to you, based on your unique company structure, culture, industry, risks, and compliance program maturity.
  2. We recommend and refine questions specifically tailored to provide insights on those data points and thread them seamlessly through your Rethink training and communication content.
  3. Employees naturally provide thoughtful responses as they navigate engaging learning experiences. Data is anonymously collected in our system via xAPI, while your LMS simultaneously hosts and manages the assignments and completions.
  4. When your rollout is complete, members of our Advisory Services team analyze your data and apply their real-world compliance and business expertise to make useful insights and recommendations. You get a tailored, interactive report with intuitive graphics (yes, you still get your pie charts), straightforward explanations of our insights, and actionable recommendations.

Our goal is to give you meaningful data and a real way to use it.

You can get all of this without a lengthy platform implementation, without having to hand over the personal information of all of your employees, without any new technical requirements, and while leveraging the natural touch points you already have with your company’s employee base. If you can use Rethink’s content, you can benefit from our Drive AnalyticsTM solution today. Seriously.

We are raising the bar for how analytics can be used not just to measure but to adapt and improve compliance programs, and we’re eager to show you what our Drive AnalyticsTM service can do for yours.

Want to see what our Drive AnalyticsTM solution can do for your compliance program? Learn more here, or schedule a free demo.