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Drive Analytics™ Solution

Our Drive Analytics™ solution combines modern technology with human intelligence to assess the effectiveness of your compliance initiatives and inform your program strategy.

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We empower you with meaningful data.

Our compliance experts work as collaborative partners to understand your needs, then collect, analyze, and interpret data so we can deliver tailored, interactive reports with actionable recommendations and insights.

Our Drive Analytics™ service can be added to any Code or training course to help you identify what’s working and inform tangible, data-driven improvements.

An icon of multiple pointed shapes, somewhat triangle-like in various colors, representing Compliance & Ethics Training.

Compliance & Ethics Training

Modern training built on deep expertise, unbeatable service, and your specific needs.

An icon of a square with a circle knocked out of the middle representing the service of Codes of Conduct.

Codes of Conduct

Beautifully designed, easy-to-use Codes that reflect your organization and your people.

The [Rethink] team has done some great analytics - I don't have to do the data science. We work really collaboratively together to figure out, ‘Oh if we look at it this way, what could it tell us?’ The team is just so helpful, so responsive.

Let’s Rethink Compliance, together.

We know true progress requires partnership and collaboration. We’d love to learn more about your needs and how we can help empower you.