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Codes of Conduct

We create Codes of Conduct that are modern, beautifully designed, and easy to use — written by compliance experts who think and talk like humans, not lawyers.

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Our hands-on approach makes the process easy on you.

Our service-oriented teams take on the work so you don’t have to. We create Codes that look and feel like your organization and your people, and our modern digital formats offer opportunities for rich, immersive media and intuitive navigation — all on your infrastructure and behind your firewall.

Our Drive Analytics™ service captures analytics and tracks and reports on usage trends, providing you with data-driven insights to defend, inform, and improve your program.

Codes created or rewritten
Digital Codes developed
of policies written

A truly global Code.

A global Code needs global reach. Our Codes are:

  • Available in more than 60 languages, with high marks for translation quality
  • Device-agnostic, available via phones, tablets, desktops, and more
  • Adaptive, including via role- or competency-based profiling
  • Accessible, with course versions designed for screen readers
  • Drafted for global audiences, where appropriate
  • Configured to work on your IT architecture
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Advisory Services

Right-sized compliance consulting from seasoned experts.

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Drive Analytics™ Solution

Meaningful data to assess effectiveness and inform your program strategy.

We were pleased to partner with Rethink Compliance to completely overhaul our Code of Conduct. Rethink’s professional and personable team helped us sell to the organization the need to update our Code from a bland, legal document to an interactive and intuitive digital experience. Rethink guided us from start to finish — from the working sessions to outline the content, to the web development and digital design, to the training and communication plan. Rethink’s impressive team was innovative, flexible, organized, and responsive … they truly set the bar in the compliance space!

Let’s Rethink Compliance, together.

We know true progress requires partnership and collaboration. We’d love to learn more about your needs and how we can help empower you.