• Rethink's Drive AnalyticsTM Solution

    Taking Analytics from the Dashboard to the Steering Wheel

    It's Time to Rethink Analytics

    Our industry has been buzzing about data and analytics for years now. But technology-for-the-sake-of-technology “solutions” are just not delivering valuable insights.


    It's our goal to empower you with information that's actually meaningful.

  • Introducing the Drive AnalyticsTM solution: an action-oriented analytics offering


    We go where other vendors don’t — combining modern technology with learner-focused design, a full-service approach, and deep compliance expertise.

  • Turn Your Data into Actionable Insights

    Understand Your Audience so You Can Drive Culture Change

    Deep Compliance Expertise

    Partner with experienced compliance practitioners.

    The Rethink Compliance experts collaborate with you to devise the right data points for your program and goals. Our team is made up of recognized thought leaders with more than 125 years of combined compliance experience.

    Learner-Focused Design

    Get the right information from the right people at the right time.

    Data collection is integrated seamlessly within your training content for an optimal user experience. Responses and results are captured in real time and aggregated anonymously.

    Meaningful Data

    Evaluate the effectiveness of your program with information that's actually valuable.

    As part of our Drive AnalyticsTM solution, our compliance experts consult with you to devise purpose-built opportunities for data collection. These are planned at the outset of your initiative, not as an afterthought, and tailored to your unique industry, company, culture, and people.

    Truly Actionable Insights

    Identify areas of risk and opportunities for program improvement.

    Rethink’s experienced compliance practitioners analyze your data to identify trends in what your employees know, or don’t know, and how they feel and act. Your tailored, interactive report includes recommendations crafted by industry experts with your company profile and program maturity level top of mind.

    Demonstrated Impact

    Build an evidence-based program strategy — and show real results.

    Recent DOJ guidance emphasized using data to measure program effectiveness and the impact of training — a move to "evidence-based" program strategy. With our Drive AnalyticsTM approach, you collect targeted, relevant data and then channel what you learn into tangible program improvements that can be measured.

  • How the Drive AnalyticsTM Solution Works

    Our collaborative process gives you meaningful data and a real way to use it.

  • 1. We get to know you.

    We consult with your team to identify data points that would be valuable to you, based on your unique company structure, culture, industry, risks, and compliance program maturity.

    2. We identify methods to get the insights you need.

    We recommend and refine opportunities to collect information that are specifically tailored to the data points most meaningful to you.


    We thread these seamlessly through your Rethink training and communication content.

    3. Data is collected organically.

    Employees naturally provide thoughtful responses as they navigate engaging learning experiences.


    Data is anonymously collected in our system via xAPI, while your LMS simultaneously hosts and manages the assignments and completions.

    4. We analyze the data for you and identify key insights.

    When your rollout is complete, members of our Advisory Services team analyze your data and apply their real-world compliance business expertise to identify useful insights and make targeted recommendations.


    You get a tailored, interactive report with intuitive graphics, straightforward explanations of our insights, and actionable recommmendations.

  • Take a Test Drive

    Want to see our Drive AnalyticsTM solution for yourself? Sign up for a free demo.

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