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Who Owns the Risk?

Do you really know who owns the management of each compliance risk at your organization?

At Rethink, we know that, in organizations with great compliance programs, each risk must be not just identified, but truly owned for effective management, mitigation, and control.

That’s why we’ve created Who Owns the Risk?, a new hands-on risk assessment tool to help you understand your organization’s risk landscape and empower your stakeholders in their ownership of risk.

Who Owns the Risk deck

Who Owns the Risk? is a deck of cards dividing common ethics and compliance risks into categories and sub-categories. Use them to facilitate conversations with your stakeholders, identify where risks occur in your organization, and map those risks to mitigation efforts and related controls.

Or, partner with Rethink on your first — or even your fortieth! — compliance and ethics risk assessment, and we’ll show you how to use Who Owns the Risk? at your organization. Compliance experts on our Advisory Services team are the driving force behind Who Owns the Risk? and excel at facilitating risk workshops with senior leaders across the globe.

This innovative, game-like resource will support our leading-class risk assessment process that includes identifying ethics and compliance risks where they occur in your organization, mapping those risks to mitigation efforts and related controls, and ranking them accordingly.

In Who Owns the Risk?, each risk area is designated by a color-coded card, and within each risk area is a series of subcategories to foster detailed discussion about more specific risks.

For example, in the area of Bribery & Corruption, there are separate cards for:

• Gifts, Hospitality, & Favors
• Anti-bribery/Anti-corruption Laws
• Third-Party Due Diligence (Onboarding)
• Third-Party Due Diligence (Ongoing)
• Money Laundering
• Kickbacks

Risk areas
Blank cards for customized use
Risk color palette

Our Advisory Services team knows the real-world challenges you face — and that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. We are here to assist you in sparking meaningful conversations, reinforcing stakeholder ownership, and providing a more holistic perspective of your ethics and compliance program.

Contact us to learn more about Who Owns the Risk? and how our Advisory Services team can help you strengthen your compliance and ethics program.

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