Three weeks ago, I left a great job at a great firm to join Rethink Compliance. For the past five+ years, I’ve been a leader in PwC’s Internal Audit, Compliance & Risk Management practice and the face of the firm’s Compliance & Ethics Solutions, yet I decided to make this leap. Why? Well, I thought I’d “put pen to paper” to explain:

1. Rethink's portfolio

Compliance really became a “thing” in the early 2000s, and senior leaders at Rethink were absolutely at the forefront of that movement. What we created back then was good. But, things have changed. We live in a new, digital world, and most organizations are challenging themselves to harness the power of technology to advance their strategies and goals. Yet, I’ve seen a stagnation in traditional compliance offerings and, as a result, in many compliance programs. I hate to say it but, in compliance, we’re not keeping up with other parts of our organizations, and it’s costing us!

To maintain credibility and truly engage employees, we need to start listening to our stakeholders. In today’s digital world, there are so many innovative ways to effectively train and communicate with our audiences — from people like me, whose manner of consuming information has changed with the times, to Millennials and members of Gen Z.

So, with that backdrop, what drew me to Rethink Compliance? First and foremost, I’m excited by Rethink’s mission: To help the world's great companies develop efficient and effective compliance programs, with a particular (but not singular!) focus on writing and designing great Codes of Conduct, compliance training, and awareness tools. Rethink’s “client first” approach to its product development and customer service certainly hit the mark — a new mark — which is really exciting to me!

2. Women in leadership

The #metoo movement and related events have kicked off a lot of challenging discussions about the role of women in the workplace. This new dialogue is painful but necessary. As people, as companies, and as a culture, we are starting to ask ourselves:

  • Are there structural or cultural barriers in place that make it harder for talented women to succeed?
  • Have talented women historically done enough to showcase their own talents and to support one another?
  • How can men and women work together in ways that are different from the past?  What can we learn from each other’s approaches, styles, and attributes?

Rethink is a women-owned and -operated firm that I truly believe is leading the market and bringing genuine innovation to compliance learning. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to work in this kind of an environment — at this point in my career and at this point in history.

I’m so excited to see what we will do together.