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Our content library was designed to help you meet your goals – both as a compliance professional and as a key player in your organization's business success.

What's your biggest goal right now? See just a few examples below of how the Rethink Compliance library of training and videos can help you meet it.

Make your Code of Conduct a powerful ethical tool for every employee

Know the Code, Do What's Right

This course gives an overview of the Code of Conduct, highlights key risk areas, and sets expectations around responsibilities and appropriate behaviors for staff.

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Living Our Code

Doing the right thing means more than just following the rules. This modular Code course will help your learners experience your Code of Conduct as a resource that guides them through common workplace situations.

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Help employees feel safe and supported when speaking up

Never Stop Searching

Our search history is the story of our lives. Never Stop Searching connects this natural behavior to compliance issues and speaking up, normalizing asking questions and pointing people to the right resources.

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Your Voice Has Power

Everyone plays a part in making your organization a safe, supportive place. And everyone’s voice matters.

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Whistleblowing: Safe to Speak Up

This course goes covers why, how, and when to speak up in depth, including an optional branch on managers' responsibilities.

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Alert people to the risks of AI and other emerging technologies

New Possibilities and New Risks: AI at Work

Artificial intelligence may be a powerful new tool to help us do our work in whole new ways. But every new technology comes with new risks. You need your audience to think about the data privacy, IP, and other risks before using AI at work. This video helps them understand why.

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Raise awareness of a rapidly changing global trade landscape

Sanctions: Stop, Think, Ask

Your employees can't all stay on top of ever-shifting global sanctions, but they do need to know what might be covered and when they should ask for help.

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Trade Controls on Our Global Business

Decipher the complexities of sanctions, exports, and global trade regulations with this accessible, scenario-based course. Great for learners that need a broad, general understanding of the issue but deeper teaching one or two key risk areas. Customize the teachings to fit your specific global trade focus.

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Set clear expectations for a diverse and equitable workplace

Embracing the Global Power of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

This comprehensive and academic course provides definitions, examples, and scenarios covering a range of topics, including diversity, equity, bias and micro-inequities, allyship, and upstanding.

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Help employees make ethical, informed choices to avoid bribery risks

We All Pay

An emotional video about the true cost of bribery: It’s everyone’s responsibility to stop the cycle of corruption. (Spoken word, live action).

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Stopping Bribery is Everyone's Business

Cover the fundamentals of this important topic, including recognizing the signs of bribery, working with government officials, and working with third parties. Includes three customizable scenarios and a quiz.

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