Back in October, Rethink Compliance was thrilled to announce the addition of Matt Altieri as our Head of Operations and Technology.

Matt Altieri Headshot

We’re excited to have Matt on the team and wanted to give you all the chance to get to know him better. So we invited Matt onto our latest Zoom Chat and threw as many questions as we could at him in two minutes. Check it out below!

As a member of our senior leadership team, Matt will contribute to the company’s product and business strategy. Operationally, his team will focus on the overall security and optimization of Rethink’s technology, software, and company processes and workflows.

And, given our clients’ heightened focus on privacy and security amidst continually expanding privacy regulations and obligations, Matt will also serve as Rethink’s Data Privacy Officer.

We see Matt’s department as a force multiplier for the business. Rethink has grown rapidly since our founding in 2015 — Matt’s job is to create and evolve the infrastructure we will need to support our team and our clients as we continue to grow.

Matt brings a wealth of experience to the role, including more than 16 years in the compliance and ethics field in a variety of roles.

Welcome, Matt!