In the last decade or so, we’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the compliance space: vendors cutting back on service and either eliminating or outsourcing their advisory resources.  

At Rethink, we know the value of talking directly to experienced practitioners who can help you nail down your program strategy or review your customized courses or policy rewrites for compliance nuance. That’s why we staff every single client engagement with someone from our Advisory Services team.

Our Advisory Services team is made up of lawyers and compliance practitioners with decades of practical experience — people like Becky Burtless-Creps, who recently joined as a Senior Director. Welcome, Becky!

Becky is an attorney with more than two decades of ethics and compliance experience. She spent much of her career working in-house as managing counsel of compliance at Ford Motor Company, where she helped create a global compliance program. She understands the goals and challenges our clients have, because she’s been in their shoes. In fact, she first met Kirsten and Andrea more than 15 years ago, when she sat in the client’s seat and worked with them to create courses for her own program!

We’re thrilled to welcome Becky onto our team, and we know she’ll be a huge asset to our clients. Check out her game of “Two-Minute Questions” with Ann and get to know Becky.

Becky is passionate about helping our clients identify the best messaging and positioning for their compliance materials and refine their overall program strategy — or, as Becky puts it, “I love being able to help people find ways to make businesses more ethical.” As part of our Advisory Services team, Becky does just that. She helps lead program and governance reviews, risk assessments, and Code and policy projects for Rethink clients.

Want to chat with Becky or any of the other members of our Advisory Services team? Email us at We can help you develop, implement, and assess your program with right-sized consulting engagements tailored to you.