Transform Your Policies: A (Relatively) Pain-Free Guide

Most organizations have an absolute mess on their hands when it comes to policies. There are too many of them. Policies are inconsistent – in form or in substance. They’re incomprehensible or impossible to find. And nobody reads them.

If that sounds familiar, I have good news: You can make sense of that mess. And our free webinar recording helps you do just that!

Andrea Falcione of Rethink Compliance and Desiree Ramirez of UNTHSC will share strategies for making sense of your policies.

Building on momentum from its digital Code of Culture initiative, UNTHSC embarked upon a policy transformation journey – to fundamentally change its approach to policy management.

Watch to learn about UNTHSC’s mandate to decrease the number of its policies from 425 to a more manageable 90 (or so!). We discuss how UNTHSC evaluated its existing policy inventory and policy management process and then crafted and executed on a massive policy transformation plan.