Leading Practices in Anti-Harassment Training

"How can I make sure my anti-harassment training meets the latest state requirements?"

It seems like everyone's asking that question these days. Here at Rethink, we commissioned a 50-state survey and worked with lawyers in California and New York to make sure we were equipped with the latest information. We're excited to share our insights with you in this free webinar recording.

In this webinar recording, Andrea Falcione, JD, CCEP, and Tricia Cornell share leading practices in anti-harassment training, along with insights from Rethink's 50-state blue sky survey.

Watch to learn:

• What the laws cover, and what they mean for your anti-harassment training program
• What you can do to make two hours of anti-harassment training less of a chore and — dare we say it — interesting
• How to start a two-way conversation about harassment with employees and train for a real cultural impact
• How to get the right training to the right learners