In part two of her Zoom Chat with Kirsten, Kelleen Brennan of Carvana dropped some powerful advice for compliance professionals: embrace experimentation, and allow for failure.

(If you missed part one of their conversation about building an effective Code of Conduct, you can watch it here.)

As Kelleen says:

“Don’t have a pride of authorship about anything — I would suggest that to any compliance professional. Be willing to be interactive with your audience and be collaborative and iterate.”

Super smart, right? Compliance is a process, and persuading employees to change behavior takes time and a bit of trial and error.

Not every message and format will knock it out of the park. Failures are an opportunity to learn more about your company culture and make your compliance program even stronger.

Kelleen shares an example: After rolling out a cartoon communication, she gathered feedback and was surprised to learn that the format didn’t resonate with her employees. But by being willing to adapt and iterate, she was able to introduce other formats that were much more impactful for her audience, like gamification.

As Carvana has grown from a startup to a 9,000-person company, Kelleen and her team have successfully evolved their compliance program by embracing flexibility, and that mindset works at any company size. Organizations are constantly changing, and effective compliance programs grow and change with them.

If you’re ready to find the right training and communications for your audience, we can help. Email us at or set up a free consultation. As Kelleen says:

“That’s one of the real benefits of working with a group like Rethink: You can set your program up, or your development of that program with you, in such a way that you can be flexible.”

Thanks so much, Kelleen! And thanks for sharing your advice with us in this Zoom Chat.

Keep an eye out for part three of Kirsten and Kelleen’s conversation, coming soon.