“What are other programs doing?”

We hear this question a lot, both from our clients and from other colleagues in the compliance space. As C&E professionals, we often talk about best practices and the latest tools and trends, but it can be a real challenge to understand how our programs stack up.

That’s why the Rethink team has put together the 2020 Compliance and Ethics Training Benchmark Survey. We want to help our fellow C&E professionals get a clearer view of the state of compliance training.

We’re asking compliance professionals around the world to weigh in on their training practices and technology so we can share the broader insights with the community.

Will you help out your fellow compliance and ethics practitioners by taking our survey? The survey takes only 5-10 minutes to complete, and your perspective will help shape leading practices in our community.

Your privacy is important to us, so this survey is anonymous — we do not capture any identifying details about people or companies. When the study is complete, we'll share the results publicly, giving you a chance to benchmark your training program practices against a broader industry base.

The more voices we can add to the conversation, the better! Please help us spread the word by sharing the link with your network. A quick post on LinkedIn or email to your team adds diverse voices to the conversation and helps us maximize the survey's value to the community.

Thanks so much for your valuable time. We can’t wait to share the results and insights with you all once the survey is complete.