You want employees to engage with your compliance content?

Here’s one simple trick: Write less and style your text so it’s easy to read.

Easy to say, very hard to do. (In fact, if you went to law school, this may work against your every instinct.)

If you’re interested in learning more, I like Copyblogger’s take, which includes some useful tips.

I encourage you to read the whole post (and follow the links — great stuff!), but I’ll summarize some of their advice here:

  1. Get over it. Accept that we live in a world where people scan rather than read. Yes, even if you’re a very good writer.
  2. Use more line breaks. Stick to one idea per paragraph, and keep paragraphs three to four sentences, max. Then break up these “long” paragraphs with even shorter ones.
  3. Break up content with subheadings. Then read just the subheadings to see if people who only read the subheadings will still get the point.
  4. Use bulleted and numbered lists. They’re an easily scannable way to present multiple points.
  5. Highlight content strategically. Use bolding (or punctuation, or all caps) so readers can pick out important information at a glance.

It’s hard to believe that simple steps like these can make such a difference — but they do.

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