As we all adjust to a new way of life during the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us are also adjusting to a new way of work: at home, separated from our officemates. Rethink Compliance has developed a short course to help your employees navigate the new tools and situations they’ll run into while doing their jobs remotely.

This short course reiterates your company’s commitment to integrity and addresses some of the key risk areas teams face as they go virtual, including cybersecurity and careful communication. Employees who take the course will also learn productivity tips to help them stay on track.

"Making Remote Work Work for All of Us" features interactive teaching and media.

As with all our library materials, our work-from-home course was designed for quick and easy customization. We’ll work with you to tailor the course to your company messages and policies.

Want to roll out this training to your work-from-home employees? Or maybe just take a peek at the full course? Reach out to us at