Earlier this year, we posted Rethink’s New Year’s video. This was done in a style we call our “selfie video” approach.

It’s a format we’ve used with several companies who were looking to send a personalized, nuanced, and compelling compliance message that felt truly global and didn’t break the bank.

Our tone here is cheerful, but you can adapt this format for any message.

With more employees working from home, companies are facing a new challenge: How do we maintain a company culture and sense of teamwork outside the office? A personal touch can go a long way. You can use a selfie video to put together a strong, clear message about the importance of acting with integrity and in line with company values during a tumultuous time.

And if you’re considering your crisis communications, this format supports a more serious tone – and it comes together fast. All you need is a strong script and willing participants.

We can help you write a compelling script, and we can do the video editing for you.

If you’re speaking to a global audience, we can also share translation strategies that can help you avoid the usual timeframes (and even the cost) for translating something custom into five or ten or twenty languages.

Want to learn more about using our “selfie video” approach? Contact us at hello@rethinkcomplianceco.com.