Are you tired of hearing about GDPR yet?

For the last six months, it’s been center stage at every compliance conference we’ve attended. If you’re running a compliance program, you’ve probably spent countless hours thinking about how your company’s risks and data handling/management practices will change starting May 25th.

You may be GDPR-ed out, and your employees likely are too.

Which is why we’re inviting you to a webinar on how to overcome GDPR fatigue and offer training that makes your employees sit up and take notice, instead of yawning.

Some topics require ongoing vigilance, and every employee’s actions and choices matter. Data privacy is one. (Cybersecurity, which is related, is another).

And what’s the enemy of vigilance?



Employees saying, “Yeah, I know, I know. I’ve heard that before.”

So how can you keep data privacy top of mind for your employees —without creating a stream of alerts and warnings that they learn to just tune out?

In our “Making GDPR Matter” webinar, we’ll cover a helpful framework for creating an ongoing GDPR curriculum for different groups of employees — one that delivers the right amount of information without overwhelming.

We’ll also share a general strategy for reaching the larger employee population — the ones who don’t need in-depth GDPR training, just a basic literacy in the topic followed by ongoing awareness.

Building an Effective GDPR Training Toolkit

Training your employees on data privacy is required under the new General Data Protection Regulations — and it’s just good data security practice.

Our approach to GDPR training is three-pronged:

Keep it simple.

Effective communication starts with what the audience needs. We focus on what your employees need to know in order to protect data privacy in their day-to-day work.

Keep it going all year long.

Data privacy, as you know, isn’t a line on a checklist. It’s an ongoing responsibility that requires an ongoing conversation. We give you the tools you need to provide effective GDPR training throughout the year.

Choose engaging, informative tools.

We help you reach employees with videos, courses and interactive tools that bring complex topics to life.

Topics include:

  • Why data security matters
  • Protecting sensitive information
  • What the GDPR means for you
  • Protecting systems against malware
  • Avoiding hacking and phishing

Ready to learn more?

Let’s start with a conversation about how to bring effective GDPR training to your organization. Join Kirsten Liston for a live webinar. Bring your questions about what kind of tools will help you meet your goals.

Webinar: "Making GDPR Matter: Designing a Program that Your Employees Won’t Tune Out"

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The techniques we'll cover in this webinar aren't just relevant to GDPR — they can help you create effective training in other compliance topics, too. We’ll discuss tools, content strategies, and training techniques that will be relevant to your entire learning program, especially the more technical topics. Register now to learn more!