When we first sat down to create the Rethink Compliance Library, we made it a priority to build in customization from the get-go.

We knew that, to be effective, training has to speak to a company’s unique risks and reflect its brand and culture. We also knew that true customization means more than swapping out a logo. So our customization service is a little different than other library providers’ approach to customization.

We recently sat down with one of our clients, Renee Wardlaw of BBNC, and asked her to share what our customization process was like for her. Here’s what she had to say.

When Getting Customization Right Matters

Renee’s team came to Rethink because they wanted to take BBNC’s training to the next level. In previous years, they’d rolled out annual training that just felt too generic. As an Alaska Native corporation with strong ties to the Bristol Bay region and its people, BBNC wanted compliance courses that acknowledged and celebrated their founding culture. But, like many companies, they didn’t have the time or resources to build every course from scratch.

That’s where the Rethink Library came in.

Renee and her Rethink Compliance content concierge team worked together to find the right training solutions for BBNC and customize the courses to reflect BBNC’s employees, risks, heritage, and culture.

What the Process Was Like

As Renee shares in the video, “One of our biggest mantras is efficiency. We’re running at a million miles an hour, with not enough hours in the day to have long creative discussions.”

Working with her content concierge team at Rethink allowed her to have input into the creative process without having to do the heavy lifting herself. She shared BBNC’s goals and focus, including the types of topics and scenarios she wanted to cover, and then her content concierge team went away and created the right course for her to review. As Renee puts it, “It’s always easier to edit than draft.”

The result? The process was “ten times more efficient” than her previous experiences building or customizing training. And she was able to have a complete say in how the training turned out.

“It Felt Like a Partnership”

It was important to Renee to hire a vendor who not only had compliance expertise but also was willing to work with her as a partner. “I feel like that truly has elevated our compliance program,” Renee said, “because we have a partnership with Rethink.”

A big thank you to Renee for being such a wonderful client and sharing her experience with us! You can watch the full interview below.

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