With all the buzz around analytics recently, it’s no secret that you need to be measuring the effectiveness of your compliance program. But what does that look like?

In our latest Zoom Chat, Kirsten and Patti share a practical approach for measuring the impact of your compliance training and Code of Conduct so you can move toward an evidence-based program strategy. Check it out:

As Kirsten says, “When you look at the DOJ Guidance, there’s a really clear message that it’s not the length of your training or the seat time that people spend, but the impact.”

Great news, right? The DOJ wants to see you’re rolling out the right messaging to the right people.

That creates a new challenge for compliance professionals, though: How do you prove your compliance program is making an impact?

Ah, there’s that pesky buzzword again: analytics.

Just hearing that word gives a lot of C&E professionals a headache, and for good reason: The early attempts to build analytics into courseware and Codes were just dashboards and spreadsheets that were more trouble than they were worth. When we heard from clients and colleagues about these tools, they told us it took too much time to sift through the mounds of data, and worse — much of the data was actually meaningless to them and their program goals.

Finding the right analytics solution is about so much more than a data dump. It’s about starting to identify what moves the needle at your organization so you can inspire real culture change. It’s about focusing your efforts on what works to save you time and effort.

Good data helps you identify what gets results — and what doesn't. And that’s powerful.

As Kirsten says, “you need to layer in the qualitative stuff, because that’s really what the DOJ is going after.”

So we developed our Drive Analytics™️ solution to help our clients make smart decisions about their compliance programs and back those decisions up with real data. With our Drive Analytics™️ add-on to Codes and courseware, you collect data to support, reinforce, or challenge your gut feelings and temperature checks. We analyze the data to identify gaps and opportunities in your program and partner with you to get the results you’re looking for.

It’s more than numbers. You'll get a tailored, interactive report with recommendations from compliance experts who are deeply familiar with your program and goals. Then we help you channel what you learn into tangible program improvements that can be measured and reported on.

Ready to get started? Learn more about our Drive Analytics™️ solution.