I’ve spent a lot of time in my career listening.

First as a journalist and fiction writer, I listened to people tell their stories. When I started my career in compliance two decades ago, I listened to — and helped build — an industry grappling with a wave of new regulatory expectations and a brand-new medium, the internet.

Then, as the compliance industry began to change, again, I traveled the country and the world, listening to compliance professionals who were excited about the new tools the internet age has given us all, and who were looking for innovative ways to use them in their training programs.

In the four years since I launched Rethink Compliance, I have been listening more than ever — to our clients, to our colleagues in the industry and to the market as a whole. Here’s a little of what I’ve heard:

“I need training that speaks to our specific risks and reflects our brand and workplace culture, but I don’t have the time or budget to make every course from scratch.”

“Sometimes even customizing library courses feels like too much work. It’s always harder than I thought — whether it’s finding a course, putting through the changes, or managing my subject matter experts.”

“The bar keeps rising. My employees — and my boss — are vocal about wanting more engaging, more modern, more technologically advanced training, something new and fresh, every year. I need help keeping up.”

Most of all, I heard people say, “I really need someone in my corner. I need a partner.”

And that is why I am so proud to announce the launch of the Rethink Compliance Library.

Rethink Compliance started out creating fresh, modern Codes, then added custom courses and videos.

The next logical step was to bring our passion for partnership and service to help our clients rethink what a library could offer. But we only wanted to offer a library if we could do it our way. So here’s our promise to our library clients:

  • Your Content Concierge team will be with you every step of the way, from understanding your needs to choosing the right course to drafting revisions and refining.
  • We make customization fast, easy, and affordable — at a level that works for you.
  • We tame training tech so that translations are faster and smoother, updates are easier and cheaper, and every course is mobile ready.

You’ve never seen a library service like this. And we can’t wait to share it with you.

Get in touch with our team at hello@rethinkcomplianceco.com to learn more. We'll help you find the library plan that's right for you.