When Off-the-Shelf Solutions Don't Cut It

Last February, a client approached us about a problem they were having. They were building a compliance program from scratch, but they were frustrated by most of the content options out there. Off-the-shelf solutions were expensive and time consuming to customize, but they didn’t have the time or resources to create something better in-house.

On top of that, they knew their young and tech-savvy employees would tune out anything they deemed boring or outdated, including 40-minute compliance courses. They had a unique opportunity to build their compliance program the right way from the start, but they needed help to get the content right.

That’s where we came in. We started by looking at their unique risk areas and the company as a whole. What were the key messages they wanted to get out to employees? In what ways did their company culture already reflect their values? How was their audience communicating? Using the answers to these questions and more, we built out a strategy.

Once we had the strategy in place, we began building content tailored to them: Whiteboard videos. Poster campaigns. A new Code of Conduct and a seven-minute Code course. We kept the content short and engaging, and the client was amazed by the feedback. Here was a compliance program that not only was effective but also felt like part of the company — a compliance program they could be proud of.

And it didn’t cost any more than a library solution.

Introducing Compliance Studio: Compliance That Communicates Like People Do

If you could start your compliance program from scratch, what would you do differently? People no longer communicate the way they did in the early days of compliance, when email and online courses of any length were still new and exciting. Now, internet use has rewired our brains for quick processing. Unless your content is short, engaging, and interesting, your audience will tune you out.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our Compliance Studio services, which help you create compliance materials that communicate the way people do.

With Compliance Studio, you can think of us as an advertising agency for your compliance program. This isn’t just another library of pre-made content. We partner with you to identify your goals, set a strategy, and then develop custom content that fits your culture and your message. The best part? We use the latest technology to develop our videos and courses quickly and inexpensively, so you get custom content at off-the-shelf library prices.

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