2020 has thrown a lot at us. In the SCCE’s recent Compliance and the COVID-19 Pandemic Survey, compliance & ethics professionals reported an increase in the number of inquiries to the compliance team and expressed significant concerns about a higher risk of compliance failures as a result of the pandemic. Addressing those risks with a remote workforce presents a unique set of challenges. And if you’re in charge of remotely managing a compliance program for a global workforce, well … I feel for you.

The good news is Rachel Batykefer and I will be talking about some of the strategies that have worked for us and others when we present at the SCCE’s virtual conference on September 16. As Senior Director of Global Compliance at Teva Pharmaceuticals, Rachel has a lot of experience rolling out training for an international audience of employees. I spent over fourteen years working in house at a couple of consumer retail powerhouses. Together, we will talk about the difficulties of global training, before and during a pandemic, and offer a few ideas on how to make your training more 2020-ready.

In today’s environment, the challenges are greater than ever. Before you assign your next anti-bribery course across 12 different countries, you need to determine whether you are going with a single message versus a multi-message strategy. And, now, even your method of disseminating the message is under stress. If you have historically counted on live training, that will look different this year. Your whole communication plan will.

If you have historically counted on live training, that will look different this year. Your whole communication plan will.

Join us for breakout session #W27, “How to Reach Your Global Workforce,” to hear about:

  • Developing a single message — and how to recognize when and why to adapt to multiple messages
  • Examples of creativity that reach workforces around the globe
  • The three most important words to “be” before delivering training
  • The importance of knowing your audience, knowing how your audience absorbs information, and how to determine the investment of time appropriate for everyone
  • Meeting employees where they are by using avenues and structures in place in addition to training to convey messages
  • The importance of building foundation first, then getting assistance from local leaders and middle managers to be your advocates

We hope you’ll join us for this virtual session on September 16th, 4-5 PM CT. You can learn more about the SCCE’s Compliance & Ethics Institute and register to attend here. We’re looking forward to another great conference!