Getting the Most Out of Your 2021 Compliance Program

As our clients and contacts look ahead, several have reached out to ask us if we’ve spotted any trends they should take into consideration when making their program plans.

Spoiler alert: We have!

In this webinar recording, Kirsten Liston and Andrea Falcione focus on smart, high-leverage activities and approaches to help you make the most of your compliance program, including:

Shorter, more targeted training: As the DOJ pushes for more efficient training, we talk about how to shorten seat time without losing the messages you need to convey.
Qualitating the quantitative: Analytics and measurement are top of mind for most companies these days — and compliance programs are no different. We discuss how to generate and simplify compliance data analytics to produce useful, actionable insights.
Reaching a distributed workforce: Thanks to technology, we now have more elegant, time-efficient ways than ever to reach an offline workforce. We explore some of those options.
Assessments in a virtual world: Around the world, companies are downsizing office space – and work-from-home arrangements are becoming the norm. We examine how to conduct effective assessments, both formal and informal, when live interviews, focus groups, and even "compliance by walking around" are no longer options.