Has May 25 been on your mind lately? The clock ticking down to the day the GDPR goes into effect is almost audible.

If you’re staring down that deadline for training your employees on data privacy, we want you to know you’re not alone. We’re hearing from people just like you who need to get the first elements of their training programs in place.

But what we really want to talk with you about isn’t May 25; it’s May 26.

Data privacy, as you know, isn’t a line on a checklist. It’s an ongoing responsibility that requires an ongoing conversation.

There are some compliance risks that your employees will meet once a month, once a quarter, or once in their careers. But handling data is something that hundreds of millions of people do daily, if not hourly, in their work.

And both research and personal experience have shown us that the farther out you get from a training, the more lax you’re likely to get in following what you’ve learned.

The key to effective data privacy training is frequent, relevant, thoughtful communication that keeps employees’ key responsibilities — knowing what sensitive information is and how to handle it — top of mind.

And that’s why we’re ready to have a conversation with you about what happens after May 25. What kinds of steady, varied touchpoints have you prepared for your organization? How will you keep the conversation about data privacy going throughout the year?

We have a package of existing elements — and we’re happy to customize a campaign to fit your needs. Schedule a free consultation with us to get started.