Using Modern Communication Techniques to Write a Better Code of Conduct

Are you kicking off a Code of Conduct project this year? Or thinking about it? You are far from alone.

Companies are updating their Codes to reflect new workplace realities, to take advantage of new technology and formats, or even just to re-engage employees. After all, the Code is the cornerstone of your compliance program.

Good news: The Rethink Compliance team has led more than 60 Code projects for companies around the world, and we share our strategies and tips for how to get the most out of your Code in this webinar recording.

Enjoy this webinar recording to:

• See how to optimize your Code for your 21st-century, digitally savvy audience
• Review strategies and real-life examples to make your Code easy to navigate and bring the content to life
• Learn about digital format options that can supercharge user-friendliness and reach, plus provide the data-driven evidence the DOJ is looking for