The Long and the Short of It: Making Compliance Learning Great — from Two Minutes to Two Hours

You need to get a compliance message out — but how do you make your employees care?

It’s not enough to collect training completions. You want to raise the bar, deepen employee engagement, empower your population, and improve outcomes. You want to create real, lasting change.

At Rethink Compliance, we pair decades of expertise with innovation and creativity. We’re compliance veterans, but that doesn’t mean we’re complacent. Our curiosity and ingenuity lead to modern programs that redefine convention.

In this webinar recording, enjoy another installment of our popular webinar series, which will cover:

Microlearning: Can a two-minute experience truly move the needle? (Spoiler alert: It can!) We’ll explore how to use modern media and formats to grab and keep employee attention and show best-in-class examples.
Macrolearning: Some training can’t be shortened — so how do you create a two-hour course that people don’t hate? We’ll take you behind the scenes to see how we created our recent multi-state harassment course, sharing tips, tricks, and tactics for keeping audience interest. Clients have gotten comments that people “loved” it — yes, really!