Play Offense, Not Defense: Managing Competition Law Risk

Are you prepared to handle a competition law investigation? Is antitrust a part of your compliance program?

We’ve got you covered. A competition law allegation can be extremely detrimental. Don’t let an investigation blindside you.

In this webinar recording, Rethink's Andrea Falcione and Neil Gray, Partner at Duane Morris, discuss proactive and reactive management of competition law risk.

At Rethink Compliance, our advisory services team includes compliance experts and attorneys experienced in governance, risk, and compliance who can undertake projects including: Code and policy development, program and risk assessment, disclosures, surveys and certifications, and reporting and investigation protocols.

Enjoy another installment of our popular webinar series, which covers:

The Pre-game: how do you build an effective antitrust compliance program?
The Referees: what do competition law regulators demand?
The Penalties: what can you expect?