Make Me Care: How ESG Flips the Script on Compliance Training

Teaching your employees a set of rules isn’t enough to change your organization's culture.

You need to get people engaged. You want them to truly internalize your expectations so they can put them into action.

But how can you get your learners thinking and talking about key risk topics—in a way that feels relatable?

That's the idea behind our Let’s Talk About... course series.

Each of the 11 courses feature scenarios that bring compliance risk topics into people’s everyday lives — then asks them to reflect on the possible impact.

How would this situation make me feel?

How might it affect people’s lives?

In this webinar recording, we cover:

• How this course design can drive real learning and awareness
• The advantages of sparking conversation
• The value of personal connection as a teaching tool — including how social polling can nudge attitudes toward change