Fostering a Speak-Up Culture at Your Organization

We’ve noticed a trend: Clients are asking for more great speak-up videos. When we ask why, many tell us they’ve increased the frequency of their messages in this area.

They’re looking for short, compelling content that will actually drive action — and get people past the internal or external factors that might discourage them from reporting issues they know about.

In this webinar recording, we cover practical steps to counter employee resistance to speaking up — including for reasons like:

• I might jeopardize my job (34%)
• I did not believe corrective action would be taken (34%)
• I don’t want to be seen as a troublemaker by management (25%)
• I might alienate myself from my colleagues (21%)
• It was none of my business (21%)
• I thought they already knew about it (15%)
• I did not know who to contact (11%)

These were the findings of the Ethics at Work report, a 2021 international survey of employees published by the Institute of Business Ethics.

Are you looking to persuade employees to use your speak-up channels when they know about or suspect issues? Please enjoy this webinar recording led by Andrea Falcione and Becky Burtless-Creps.