Build Effective Multi-Year Programs: Plan Smart, Measure Well, Target Your Improvements

So many compliance training topics to tackle! How do you fit them all in … without overwhelming your employees? Or taking on too many content projects?

In this webinar recording, our CEO, Kirsten Liston, and Head of Client Services, Patti Caswell, share real curriculum plans Rethink has used with clients.

This webinar recording covers:

• Devising a multi-year, risk-based, content strategy
• Setting your curriculum for success – including topics, audiences, cadence, and sample deployment schedules
• Adding short communications to maximize your impact and reach
• Using analytics to upgrade your program over time – and prove it with data

Kirsten and Patti bring decades of expertise to this discussion. Like many of their colleagues at Rethink Compliance, they are industry leaders dedicated to empowering organizations to create real change.