Benchmarking Your Compliance & Ethics Training Program: The Definitive Guide

Technology has changed the way we communicate, but compliance training has struggled to keep up. With so many employees working from home now, compliance communications have to work harder than ever to cut through the noise.

The results of our training benchmarking study are in! If you're curious how your compliance training program stacks up against your peers, please enjoy this free webinar recording as we dive into the data.

Topics include:

  • Who receives training, how often, how much, and what kind?
  • How are organizations utilizing learning management systems?
  • What features and functionality are being leveraged in training programs?
  • How are companies using data analytics to assess training success?
  • Who uses training vendors — and how satisfied are they with their vendor experiences?
  • What kind of Compliance & Ethics training are Boards of Directors receiving?
  • How has the global pandemic affected training programs?