In part 2 of Kirsten’s Zoom Chat with Kelleen Brennan of Carvana, Kelleen shared some powerful advice for compliance professionals: embrace experimentation.

Today, Kelleen’s back with more sharp insights about how to develop the right communications and training for your company. The big one? “Know your audience.”

Carvana is a growing company with a young and tech-savvy workforce. When Kelleen set out to develop a compliance program for the company, she knew that the traditional 45-minute training courses wouldn’t cut it for her audience.

“I really had to reorient myself to: How are these people communicating, and how do they receive information?”

Kelleen needed to convey substantive compliance messages, but she also knew that the training had to reflect Carvana’s fun workplace culture to feel relevant to employees. To be effective, Carvana’s training and communications needed to be short, direct, focused, and engaging.

So what does that look like? Kirsten and Kelleen talk about one example in part 4 of their conversation: "The Professional."

Kelleen and her team knew that Carvana employees responded well to humor, so why not work it into their compliance training? In developing “The Professional,” the company wanted to send a clear message: We can still have fun, but let’s be smart about it.

Just like Carvana, every company has a unique culture and visual brand. When the company’s communications and training are in line with that, employees notice. That’s why developing effective training starts with getting to know your audience and developing training and communications that reflect their reality.

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