People of a certain age … say, my age 🧓… often yearn for times past. You know, the whole “when I was your age, we walked to school — uphill, both ways!” phenomenon. After all, there’s a reason for Progressive's un-becoming your parents ad campaign: it resonates. (I mean, I have a tissue box cover, for goodness sake!

A tissue box

And, yes, I KNOW that tissues come in their own boxes, but Dr. Rick may not be aware of how challenging it can be to find tissues in a purple box!) 

Wait. [Rubbing my eyes] Where was I?!? Oh, yes, I was reminiscing about the good ole days! You may wonder, dear reader, why I am talking about my age and days gone by. I’ll get to that. I promise. 

But first ….

Here at Rethink, we’re compliance industry experts who write and design great Codes of Conduct and provide right-sized compliance program consulting. On top of that, we’re proud that, at our company, compliance training is our #1 focus. Now in our 9th year of business, more and more organizations are recognizing how we’re different — and better — and they are eager to make the leap and become part of the Rethink community.

After a think, we boiled down our differentiators to three simple things: 

  1. Quality — our library courses are newer and better.
  2. Speed and responsiveness — depending on your goals, we can likely get you there quickly.
  3. Service — your dedicated team is with you every step of the way. (No more call centers!)

And, when we wrote that down, something dawned on me: we had just described compliance training like it used to be! 

Back when I started in this space and on this journey, 19 years ago (gulp), that’s exactly what our former employer — and our competitors — did. We innovated, we were fast on our feet, and we treated our clients like partners, providing the highest level of service we could. 

And then everything changed. Companies in our space were bought, sold, and consolidated. Quality, speed, responsiveness, and service no longer mattered. Clients and colleagues became unhappy and dissatisfied. And then, slowly, our work family drifted apart — and, eventually, we all left for greener pastures … before coming back together here at Rethink, that is. 

But here’s the thing: quality, speed, responsiveness, and service didn't go away because clients didn't want those things. They went away because our competitors no longer wish to provide them. Which is mind boggling to me because, well, the market is screaming for it. At Rethink, we hear that message loud and clear, and we are dedicated to meeting that need. Just like we used to, way back in the day. 

So, if you look back on the old times with fondness — like I do — and long for compliance training the way it used to be, come talk to us. We can — and will — take you back to auld lang syne. 

And there you have it, dear reader, full circle, right back to where I started. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have more Dr. Rick commercials to watch ….