Does your training speak directly to the person taking it? Does it feel immediately relevant to their day-to-day work? The Department of Justice says it should.

Back in 2019 and 2020, the DOJ updated its Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs.

The new guidance highlighted several important expectations of compliance training, including:

  • Your training should specially target managers and “gatekeepers” — people in key control functions (like Finance or HR).
  • Companies should take the extra time and trouble to really make course content relevant to their audience.

Since the release of the new guidance, we’ve seen a big trend toward role-based training and adaptive learning — and for good reason. Designing your courses to speak directly to a specific job function or to reward a learner’s existing knowledge of a subject matter can make your training more effective and optimize seat time.

In part one of our “Compliance Learning: What’s Next, What’s Possible?” webinar series, our panelists discussed some of the trends we’ve been seeing in compliance learning and what it means to take an adaptive approach to your training. Check out a clip from the webinar below:

Here at Rethink Compliance, we’re big believers in tailoring training. That’s why we build every course and communication with our industry-leading customization process in mind. We make it easy to tailor anything in our library, from the branding and logos to policies and terminology and even scenarios tailored to your industry and workplace.

As Jason Baker (Digital Learning Specialist at Snowfish Learning) says in the video, adaptive learning is “the next layer of tailoring.” What do your employees already know about the subject? What do they need to know for their specific roles? By branching a course to an individual learner’s needs, you can create a personalized learning experience that delivers the right messages and saves them time — and saves the company money.

Interested in learning more about what adaptive learning can do for your program? Email us at to see our adaptive and role-based courses in action. We’d love to show you how our targeted training can help you reach the right employees with the right messages.