So, you’re thinking about a Code app. Judging by the industry buzz, you’re not alone.

While some companies have deployed them successfully, mobile apps aren’t for every organization. Last year, we assigned ourselves the task of diving deeply into the available technology solutions to figure out what next generation Codes should look like. We researched current and emerging technologies and how they fit our clients’ needs, and we decided against a mobile app as our primary offering.

Here’s why.

1. They're platform-dependent.

That means all your employees have to use the same operating system (Apple or Android) or you have to build and maintain two apps.

2. Updates are slow and not confirmed.

When you make a change to your Code, you have to update the app. The app store (or, both app stores) have to push out the update, then employees have to accept the update. This could take weeks, and you don’t get a confirmation. See the problem?

3. Can you say "data privacy"?

With a website-based Code, we can gather data on a wide range of interactions. With an app that lives on a personal phone, gathering any data requires accepting permissions and opens up privacy concerns. What else are you tracking?

4. You (and your users) are at the mercy of your IT team.

Does your organization already have a system for maintaining and pushing out company apps to employees? If so, you’re halfway there. If not, you’re going to need one, and it will live in your IT team. And your colleague who uses an older phone with an incompatible OS? She’s going to need a lot of IT help, too.

5. An app doesn't do anything a website can't do.

Really. Think about it. You want searchability, mobile compatibility, interactivity—a website does all that without the hassle. Even some of the fancier bells and whistles—like chat options and location sensing—are possible with a website-based digital Code.

6. Your employees may not want it.

Not all employees want to take up space on their personal devices for company apps. Some may not want to access the Code on their phones at all. A digital Code that is accessible by laptop, tablet, or phone gives people the flexibility they want.

Something else we’ve discovered is that sometimes when people say they want an “app,” what they really want is a digital Code that looks great and works well on a mobile device. Now that is something we would never try to talk them out of.

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