Last week, the Rethink team flew out to Vegas for another great SCCE CEI conference.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth or talked with us in conference sessions. The SCCE CEI conference continues to be one of our favorites because of the fantastic conversations we have with you all each year.

This year was particularly exciting because we got to show off our new business line, Compliance Studio, along with some snazzy gold-toe sneakers.

People often ask us about examples of great learning in the compliance space. Our industry is in a transition: Cow we can take the best practices developed over the last 20 years of compliance training and apply new tools, technologies, and talents to make learning engaging and memorable.

There are some people doing great work out there on this front.

I recently rounded up some examples for attendees of a session I led at the SCCE conference in Prague, and I’d like to share them with you here also.

Here are four different approaches to compliance topics, from the homemade to the professionally produced.

1. “Secure Every Load” — Carlile Trucking

This is one of my favorite compliance training videos of all time.

I originally encountered it at an SCCE conference in Washington D.C. As I heard it explained, Carlile Trucking operates trucks that move heavy equipment in a harsh Alaskan climate, so their employees face a great many hazards and risks. However, the training team began to sense that employees were tuning out their centrally-produced safety training.

So, instead of creating yet one more boring training, they ran a video contest for employees. This video was the winning entry — and it became Carlile’s training for the year.

I love it because the employees who created it found a way to get all the key messages across and to make it catchy and fun at the same time. Also, the people making the video are clearly proud of what they do, and that pride in work comes through loud and clear.

2. “Protecting Our Information” — Threat Ready Resources

Threat Ready is a cybersecurity training company that has assigned itself a tough challenge: Get employees to care about cybersecurity and actively take steps to protect themselves and the company from hackers, phishers, and other cybercriminals.

Threat Ready’s approach involves a program of continuous communication — one to two touchpoints per month, ranging in length from 30 seconds to seven minutes. (They’ve read Make it Stick, and so they include frequent testing to jog employee memory as part of the package.)

To teach, they use a blend of short courses and engaging videos like these two examples. The goal is to be interesting enough to keep employees watching — and to make the information catchy enough that at least some of it will stick. (And then follow up quickly, so that employees don’t have a chance to fully forget.)

Full disclosure: I helped set Threat Ready’s product strategy in its first year of existence, and created some of the products that are in their library.

3. “It’s a Global Audience" — Lockheed Martin

I first saw one of the Lockheed Martin Integrity Minutes at the Prague conference, in a session led by Lockheed compliance professional Rielle Miller Gabriel.

These are videos that are produced for Lockheed’s own internal compliance training program — but, in an unusual twist, they are also available to be licensed by other companies. (As is an app that Lockheed created to help employees manage gifts and entertainment appropriately.)

Speaking as someone who has spent approximately 17 years writing ethics and compliance scenarios, I consider these to be especially well done. They’re detail oriented and show situations that even well-meaning employees could get themselves into.

For global companies with similar compliance challenges, the Lockheed Integrity minutes could be a cost-effective, time-effective alternative to writing and shooting your own videos. And there are a number to choose from.

4. “Cake” and Compliance Studio video — Rethink Compliance.

As a final offering, I thought I’d share two videos from Rethink Compliance, a company I founded two years ago.

“Cake” is the generic version of a video we recently created for a client. (The client’s version included the company name and logo, which I leave out here to keep their identity private.)

Our client is a high-growth tech start-up that was going public, one whose employees were primarily digitally-savvy Millennials.

So we created a video to introduce employees to the concept of insider trading, and to share the rules for how to behave when you have inside information. As you’ll see, the goal was to start with a basic concept of fairness and build from there.

Finally, we recently created a marketing video for our custom content services, using a visual approach we have also used for client videos on specific risk topics. I share this to give a sense of what’s possible visually. As tools and technology evolve, custom videos like this one are becoming more and more affordable, from both a time and cost perspective.

Are you looking for compelling content for your compliance program? Whether you need Codes, policies, long or short training courses, apps, infographics, or posters — we can help. Schedule a free consultation with the Rethink team.