In the first installment of our “Compliance Learning: What’s Next, What’s Possible?” webinar, we heard from a handful of talented learning designers on the Rethink Compliance team about how to properly package and design a message so it really registers with your workforce.

Wondering how to make the most of your 2022 compliance messaging? Here are a few highlights from part one. And don’t forget to register for part two on November 16!

1. Answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”

As we like to say here at Rethink, compliance isn’t an information problem — it’s a persuasion problem. Traditionally, compliance training has focused on pushing information out. But your learners are human beings first, and humans learn best when they see how their own interests will be served.

So whenever possible, approach your compliance messaging from the learner’s perspective. What do they actually need to know? What will motivate them to do the right thing?

In other words: Start with what’s in it for them, not you.

2. Inspire trust with authenticity.

Inauthentic, boilerplate statements that don’t fit your learners’ actual experiences at work and in the world undercut your message. Employees can tell when your compliance training is just lip service, so make sure your training reflects the voice, look, and feel of your company. Then do a gut check and ask: Does this message really ring true?

If your company has struggled in an area in the past, acknowledge it. Whenever possible, weave in real scenarios that come up at work. And why not start a two-way conversation? Give employees opportunities to weigh in on compliance topics with their questions or experiences.

3. Know what success looks like and point all your efforts toward that.

Before you start creating training, decide what change you want to see. Let that drive both what you make and what you measure.

Setting clear goals for your program allows you to measure against those goals, evaluate, and improve so you can make the biggest impact with your compliance messaging.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this great panel discussion! If you’d like to view the full webinar, you can watch the recording here.

Don’t Miss Part Two on November 16!

Tune in for the next session on November 16. We’ll continue to cover some current topics and do some trendspotting to help you finish 2021 strong and look ahead to your 2022 program.

  • Go short: The DOJ guidance mentions “short, tailored training” — but, in recent polls of more than 1,500 compliance professionals, “short” meant anything from 30 seconds to 45 minutes. What actually works in terms of getting a message out?
  • Get tailored: How much customization can you expect from a library training vendor? Where should you focus your efforts to get the greatest impact for your time and money? What’s possible — and what choices will break the bank?
  • Choose the right channels: Where else can you meet your audience?
  • Try adaptive: What is adaptive learning, really, and how can you put it to use in your program? When does it make an impact and give an advantage? How can it deliver a better, more relevant training experience?
  • Measure, evaluate, improve: How can you collect or generate information that will genuinely give you insights on your program strategy and audience needs?

Plus, you can earn up to 1.8 live CCB CEUs for attending!

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