You’ve probably heard that we’re living in an “attention economy.”

Economies are built on scarcity, and in an attention economy, the scarce resource is attention. Technology has overwhelmed us with information, and now everyone’s competing for views and likes.

What does that mean for your compliance program?

It means you’re competing not only for your employees’ time but also for their focus and mental energy.

It means you have to hook them quickly.

It means you have to deliver your message clearly and succinctly.

But when it comes to communicating complex compliance policies, that’s often easier said than done. So we wanted to share a few tips for how you can accomplish this with your own compliance communications, using a (brand new!) video from the Rethink Compliance Library, “The Compliance Guys,” as an example.

We just added this video to our library, and we’re already hearing rave reviews from clients. So why does it work? Effective compliance communications do three things:

  1. Grab attention — and keep earning it. Visuals are great for capturing employees’ attention, and “The Compliance Guys” looks different from traditional “stuffy” compliance training right from the start. Rather than delivering a straight lecture on gifts, Jack and Owen illustrate the concepts they’re discussing in a funny and memorable way.
  2. Keep the message simple and succinct. What do employees need to know? When you’re developing compliance training and communications, keep that message front and center, and don’t get lost in the details. The faster you can communicate your idea, the better. “The Compliance Guys” is only one minute long and boils down to a single message: Don’t accept inappropriate gifts.
  3. Use familiar and relatable language. Technology has changed the way we communicate, and employees want the companies they work for to communicate the way they do. Compliance training should strike a casual tone that feels like an extension of your workplace culture. The Compliance Guys address the audience directly, and the video is fun and conversational.

If you want to grab employees’ attention and actually influence their behavior when it comes to gifts, we’d love to show you our latest training (including this video!). As always, our courses and communications are ready to roll off the shelf — or be quickly and easily customized with your own policies and branding to truly reflect your industry and company culture.

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