At Rethink Compliance, we are dedicated to empowering real change – for our clients, in our industry, and in our clients’ workplaces. Every day, we talk with compliance practitioners who are equally dedicated. They all emphasize the importance and value of benchmarking.

Our goal in this benchmarking report is to share information and combine it with insights based on our industry knowledge, in-house expertise, and decades of experience working with hundreds and hundreds of organizations around the globe. In other words, as we are regularly asked, “What is working?”

This year we’re focused on:

  • Building, measuring, and reinforcing a strong compliance culture
  • Facilitating the appropriate “tone at the top” and “mood at the middle”
  • Benchmarking program resources, from budget to employee count
  • Understanding trends in compliance governance and oversight
And, if you haven't already –

View our 2023 Benchmarking Study webinar to learn more about our benchmarking survey, as well as the developing trends and leading practices of compliance programs, insights into Governance and the use of Compliance Management Committees, and more!

(If you have trouble viewing the benchmarking study above, you can download it here from our secure Google Drive)