We help the world’s great companies create compelling and effective compliance programs.


  • Introducing: The Rethink Compliance Library

    Get the high-quality library you need, with the active support and guidance of your Content Concierge team every step of the way. With our client-first process, you can put the power of modern visuals and optimized user experiences to work for your compliance program.

    You've never seen a library like this.

    Email hello@rethinkcomplianceco.com to see which plan is right for you.

  • Bribery: We All Pay

    We're excited to announce our latest collaboration with Gary Turk: "Bribery: We All Pay." Our new Anti-Bribery Toolkit takes on corruption in a human way to motivate employees to do better.

    Ready for more effective anti-bribery training?

  • The Case for Better Content

    You're talking. Is your audience really listening?

    Grab attention quickly

    Did you know that the average human attention span is now 8 seconds long?


    In today's digital age, people are constantly bombarded with information—emails, Facebook, websites, banner ads, texts, tweets—all fighting for mindshare. You're probably great at ruthlessly screening out anything you don't need to see right now. So is your audience.


    So when someone clicks on your content, you have 8 seconds—or less!—to capture their attention before they move on.

    Distribute a clear, unified message across a diverse employee base

    We've worked in big companies, too, and we know how challenging it is to get a message out.


    The further a message has to travel, the clearer and simpler it has to be... or you risk launching a massive effort just to have people miss the point.

    Turn information into action

    Compliance is not an information challenge. It's a persuasion challenge. 


    Think about it this way: Most public companies have been providing in-depth compliance education for 5, 10, or even 15 years. If distributing information was enough, our job would be done! 


    At Rethink Compliance, we help clients create messages that stand out from the noise. We draw on brain science to create content that is easier to absorb and remember. And we borrow tactics from research into influence and persuasion to influence employee choices and change their behavior.


    In other words, we fight dirty. But we give your message a fighting chance.


    We combine deep compliance expertise with the skills and creativity of a boutique design studio.

    Kirsten Liston

    Founder and Principal

    Since 2000, Kirsten has been crafting creative, industry-leading compliance solutions for the world's great companies.

    She is passionate about helping to create programs that genuinely reach employees and change cultures.





    Andrea Falcione, JD, CCEP

    Principal and Head of Advisory Services

    Andrea is an attorney with over 20 years of legal and compliance experience in a number of different capacities. Most recently, she spent more than five years as Managing Director and Compliance & Ethics Solutions leader at PwC. Andrea is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events, has led several compliance benchmarking studies, and is the author of many compliance-related whitepapers.



    Tricia Cornell

    Head of Creative Services

    Tricia brings two decades of communications experience to Rethink Compliance, including journalism, advertising and social media strategy for national and global clients. She believes that to tell stories that change minds you have to start with the audience. Only when you know what they want, need and care about can you reach them with your message.



    Meghan Daniels, JD

    Senior Director, Advisory Services

    Meghan is an attorney and compliance professional with more than 10 years of experience, both running compliance programs in-house and advising clients as a consultant in a professional services group. She specializes in creating modern, plain-language Codes that reflect a company's unique brand, culture, messaging, and risks.



    Amanda Mansk Perryman

    Head of Design

    Amanda received her BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and has 20 years of experience producing corporate branding programs, sales & marketing collateral, and websites. She loves finding creative ways to visually reflect a client's brand, voice, and vision.



    Amy Much, JD, CCEP

    Senior Director, Advisory Services

    Amy is an attorney and certified compliance professional with nearly 20 years of legal and compliance experience. Most recently, Amy was the global ethics and compliance officer of a major global brand retailer, where she created, built, and administered the company's first ethics and compliance program. Amy specializes in assisting companies with building, assessing, and improving their compliance programs. She is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, events, and webinars.



    Ann Allsopp

    Director, Product Management

    Ann has spent her career creating effective communication for a wide variety of audiences, from social media marketing for major brands to software documentation for tech startups. Now, it’s her mission to help companies of all sizes transform complex compliance messages into engaging, human content.




    Our Advisory Services team provides governance, risk, and compliance consulting services to leading organizations around the world. We help you develop, implement, and assess your corporate compliance and ethics program, including:

    • program and corporate governance
    • policies and procedures
    • risk assessments
    • conflicts of interest, gifts and entertainment disclosure and approval processes
    • investigation protocols
    • and reporting best practices
    Does your Code look professionally designed? Or is it dense and hard to read? Do employees struggle to translate its legal philosophies into concrete guidance? Leading companies have begun to switch from “check the box” Codes to appealing, user-friendly documents that can better influence employee culture, attitudes, and actions.


    At Rethink Compliance, we create Codes that you and your company can be proud of. We combine deep compliance knowledge and expertise with the communication talents of a small, boutique design studio.


    Our Advisory Services professionals work collaboratively with you and our Creative Services team to deliver modern, plain-language, visually attractive Codes.


    Through our proven process, we do the heavy lifting for you—freeing you up to concentrate on the strategic aspects of the Code and your overall compliance program.

    Digital Codes by Rethink Compliance

    Modern Codes for a Modern Audience

    The time has come to take your Code digital. Learn more at rethinkyourcode.com.


    Compliance officers rely on great content as the primary tool to influence and persuade employees.


    With Compliance Studio, we create library and custom content for any area of your compliance program—from courses to custom videos to apps to internal communications. We've perfected our iterative process over more than 18 years of successful work with large, global companies and hundreds of projects for companies of all sizes.


    On a deadline? Because we're a small, boutique firm, we can move fast.


    Let us help you take a project from concept to finished work, building in room for all necessary internal and external reviews.

    Compliance Studio

    Compliance that Communicates Like People Do


    Curious if your Code or other compliance content is doing its job?

    We will be happy to take a look and share our thoughts and feedback.

    We keep all client work confidential and will not share any information about your program or materials.

  • Don't Stand By

    We are pleased to announce the world premiere of "Don't Stand By," our anti-harassment video created in collaboration with Gary Turk.

    For more information on our anti-harassment toolkit, visit www.rethinkharassment.com

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